Simple Millionaire Calculater

This is a simple program written in VB.Net to calculate the total amount saved over a given number of years at a given interest rate. The fields Initial Amount, Yearly Addition, Interest Rate And Time in Years can all be adjusted to change the Total Accumulated field.

For example if you start with an Initial investment of €10000  and add €10000  each year, with an interest rate of 10%. We start with an initial time of 10 years and we get €175,311.67, if we put in 12 years we get €235,227.12, 15 years we get €349,497.30 and after 25 years we break that magic million mark accumulating €1,081,817.65. A good index fund should get you around 10% over a long period of time, some information on the different types can be found here

This little program shows the beauty of compound interest.Makes you think doesn't it?

It gets much better if you start very young and you can stay dedicated to saving a small amount each year and never touching it. Say you start at the age of 18 and want to retire a millionaire at the age of 55 you would need to invest €3000 per year for the next 37 years.