List directory size one folder deep in human-readable form Linux

To list all the directories in a folder by size without  giving all subfolders, a nice clear list with no clutter use

$ du --max-depth 1 -h

du  = estimate file space usage

--max-depth 1 = only go 1 deep in the tree

-h = human-readable

For example

/var$ sudo du --max-depth 1 -h
21M    ./log
4.3M    ./backups
4.0K    ./mail
5.5M    ./crash
8.0K    ./www
588M    ./cache
4.0K    ./tmp
56K    ./spool
4.0K    ./local
4.0K    ./opt
551M    ./lib
1.2G    .

It also totals the whole directory at the end. Pretty cool.