Basic Commands

When you open a terminal window in linux you will automatically be in your home directory. To print your current directory



To go up one directory

cd ..


To go back home from whatever directory you are type cd



List directory


Long listing of directory

ls -l

Long listing including hidden files

ls -la

Long list directories only

ls -ld

Switch user


Add a user called des with a home folder /home/des

useradd -m -d /home/des des

Apply or change the password for a user account

passwd des

List users who are logged in to your machine


Check the id number of a user

id des

To count the number of files in freds home directory we can pipe ( | ) the results of ls -l into a wc -l command which counts the number of lines

ls -l /home/fred | wc -l

You could also use wc -l to count the number of lines ina text file

cat mytextfile | wc -l